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Corporate ID

Corporate identity is the image of the company. Through the shapes, colors and font of corporate identity shows the style of the company, its activity, its objectives, the philosophy of culture. Each corporate brand has a strong point (whether it is a shape or a color or combination of colors) which seeks to promote and establish to be easily recognizable.

The key elements of corporate identity are the logo, business card, letterhead and envelope. Additional information is all the documents with which the transactions are made, and additional forms such as writing pads, thank you cards, covers for cd bags ... etc. All of these elements must have a single image, a common element. Are the elements which made the daily communication either with partners or potential customers.

Most important of all is the logo. The design of corporate identity always starts from the logo design. This is what will determine the image of the other elements. The colors and shapes will prevail and will shape the entire style. It is the most important element and will appear on all promotional company moves (brochures and events, website etc.).