Proud Redesign - Relaunch award winner 2017

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A package is not just a box or a bag in which the product is packaged or transported. Also plays its role in promoting the product and the overall image. A nice design or the use of quality materials will grab the attention of the consumer in order to devote more time to the product. Designing a package is important to bear in mind the test of 2.6 seconds. This is average time in which the packaging must win the consumer to distinguish a product from the shelf. During this time the package has:

  • To distinguish between a wide range of competitors
  • To grasp the nature of the product
  • To grab the consumer's interest to seek further information

Having achieved its objective of getting the consumer product in his hands, you must:

  • To facilitate the consumer to find the instructions in the product and information on the contents of the pack
  • Give details because it takes a consumer product
  • To convince the consumer to buy