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Construction of high requirements e-shop
Nowadays every business is looking for ways to increase sales and create new customers. Darwin Business & IT Solutions has the know-how and experience to help you achieve your goal of high volume sales over the internet. Designing an eshop will stimulate your sales, create new customers on a wider market, and open the promotion portal for your business.

Advanced design ... Professional Support
Each project undertaken by Darwin Business & IT Solutions is based on total contact and cooperation with the company throughout the implementation period. However, the most important part of a project is the continuous professional support we provide to our customers every day after the completion of the project.

The evoShop online platform is based on an open source platform developed by Darwin to meet all the needs of a modern online store that will be legal and functional with Greek reality.

Come to build your own dynamic e-shop and equip it with the most advanced features and services, such as:

Manufacture of E-shop with automatic import of products
If you have already registered your products at a previous e-shop or an Excel, you will not need to re-add one to your new e-shop. Products will be imported automatically. Is it convenient for you to update from Excel at the same time? It happens!

EvoFinder - Multi-filter search system
EvoFinder is an impressively practical search system. With multiple Ajax filters, it allows the user to quickly find products based on the criteria of interest (material, color, price range, etc.).

For example, the visitor may ask for the men's watches in a brown color and a leather strap to be displayed instantly, costing between 100 and 200 euros.

Try the evoFinder and you will be impressed!
Manufacture of E-Shop with API missions
Automating missions saves time and money. We have developed links with APIs of the largest courier companies in Greece. This allows the automated creation of shipping vouchers, as well as tracking order development through the online store. This minimizes telephone communications from customers looking for the fate of their parcel and increases the reliability of the online store.

E-Shop with Caching: The first step for fast loading of the website
The loading speed of the online store is very important. It has been measured by experiments from ebay, Microsoft and dozens of other online stores, that for every 100ms that is late to load the e-shop, sales are down 0.8-1.0%. In addition, the online store's loading speed affects both Google's ranking and the cost of advertising that you run in Google AdWords.

For the above reasons, we have developed caching techniques to store the pages of your e-shop lightning fast.

E-Shop with Front-End Optimization: For even faster loading
In the construction of websites and in the construction of e-shops, we place special emphasis on the fastest loading.

We use techniques such as graphics optimization and css sprites (in simple terms one is a means of combining multiple images into a single image file for use on a website to help with performance) as well as what Google Page Speed ​​advises for optimize your online store load.

E-Shop with One-Page Checkout
Once your customer adds a product to his basket, you want to be able to complete his order easily and quickly. Before he regrets it. And surely, the market process must not be difficult, because that may lead to a break in the buying process.

At Darwin Business & IT Solutions, we place great emphasis on the convenience of the market, and for this reason we have developed a One Page Checkout for our customers' e-shop.

At checkout every detail makes a difference. Although each e-shop has different needs and its users respond differently, we start from a high level of performance based on past experience and we improve it in the long run by testing and measuring what works best.

E-Shop with Login through Facebook, Twitter & Google
Login through Facebook, Twitter or Google allows you to create an account in the e-shop using the user's account in the corresponding medium. This means that the user does not need to be asked for a username or password but is certified with 2 clicks.

In this way the user makes the checkout easier and faster. Nothing prevents him from completing his purchase. Login through social media results in an increase in conversion rates and sales.
E-Shop with Sales Link with Google Analytics
By linking the e-shop to Google Analytics and passing sales data (turnover, order number, products sold), we can analyze and optimize e-shop sales by traffic source, by campaign, by word key etc

Build e-Shop with Conversion Funnel Tracking Setup

At most e-shops, only 15-25% of add-on users complete their purchase. Watching the conversion funnel allows us to identify the points that need to be improved in your e-shop to increase sales.

E-Shop Hosting with Fast and Trusted Server
As good as your e-shop, no matter how good your products are, if the server hosting your e-shop does not work continuously and correctly, you lose customers. At Darwin Business & IT Solutions we host more than 420 sites and eshop on a fast server optimized for the technologies we use. All our servers are monitored on a 24-hour basis by a specialized team that intervenes in any problem before you get news either from you or your customers.

E-Shop with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) from the beginning
The appearance of your e-shop "high" on organic search engine results brings free visitors. By receiving from Darwin Business & IT Solutions your e-shop will already be optimized for search engines as evoSeo is installed. With the SEO mechanisms we have developed, your online store will automatically optimize the content you enter during its operation (new products, new product categories). This will steadily achieve the best possible ranking.

E-Shop construction with ERP interface or commercial management program
By linking your online store with your merchant management or ERP program, we succeed:

Product listing only in one system, automatic update of the online store
Automatically update e-shop for product availability. Automatically update the availability of products even for products sold by physical store or by telephone.
Automatically enter the proof or invoice data into the merchant management program without having to type the customer's details and the order. This saves time and minimizes the risk of errors.

E-Shop construction with Custom development without limitations
Our team is not limited by ready-made templates or mechanisms. It has the experience and the ability to develop any appearance and any functionality on your e-shop so you can achieve what you want not at around but at 100%.

Additionally, the entire development team works from our offices in full-time, which means that you can always ask for and change or support a high-demand e-shop.

How much does it cost?
Each project has its own peculiarities and needs. This is why our company does not have a retail store price list. Every customer is unique to us, so the price is tailored to its needs and capabilities.